Soup for all!


The process leading up to the completion of chicken rendang–To the friends I worked with in Singapore

そんな想いを込めた「Soup for all !」という考え方で、現在ベジタリアンの方々へメニューを

Soup for anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Regardless of age, religion, nationality, or gender, soup is a dish loved by all.
That is why we must continue to face one another.
Based on the concept of “Soup for all!,” which encapsulates this feeling, a new menu launched on November 2019 was offered to vegetarians.


実は「Soup for all !」のプロジェクトリーダー・齋藤恭史(さいとうたかふみ)の、ある“想い”から生まれたものでした。

The new “chicken rendang” menu will be sold at Soup Stock Tokyo Shibuya Mark City and Soup Stock Tokyo Hiroo starting from February 17 (Mon.) This menu can be also enjoyed by Muslims who have food restrictions due to their religion. This menu was created from an “idea” by “Soup for all!” project leader Takafumi Saito.


-This name sounds unfamiliar, but what kind of soup is it?

現地ではお米と一緒に食べられることが多く、味付けもしっかりしていますが、今回はスープとして提供するので、一杯でもおいしく召し上がっていただけるよう鶏肉を使ってアレンジしました。コリアンダーやクミン、レモングラスなど10種以上のスパイスやハーブを使って煮込んだスープは、濃厚なココナッツミルクの甘さとスパイスの辛味が絶妙なバランスで、飽きずに食べることができます。また、エキゾチックなテイストに日本のエッセンスを注入することで、Soup Stock Tokyoらしく、親しみがあり食べやすい味に仕上げています。

Saito: “Rendang” is a local cuisine that is commonly enjoyed in South East Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. Locally, it is often eaten with rice, and it has lots of flavor, but since we would be offering it as a soup, we arranged it using chicken to enable customers to enjoy it in just one cup. The soup, which is stewed with over tens types of spices and herbs, including coriander, cumin and lemongrass, has a perfect balance with the sweetness of the rich coconut milk and various spices so that you can enjoy it without getting bored of the taste. Also, by infusing a Japanese essence into the exotic taste, we have created a symbolic Soup Stock Tokyo flavor that is familiar and easy to eat.
For example, we replaced the local ingredient called tamarind, which has a sour taste, with salted plum, and used soy sauce for flavoring. By sparing laborious effort and making it care, we have created a rich flavor with a pronounced taste. The word “halal” may be emphasized with this soup, but all our soup is intended to be enjoyed by anyone.


-This soup served as the catalyst for this project. Can you share the story behind the conception of the project?

齋藤:Soup Stock Tokyoは2014年からの3年間、シンガポールで3店舗出店し、僕は立ち上げから運営を任されていました。当時シンガポール店では、中華系やマレー系、インド系など多くのバックグラウンドを持つシンガポール人スタッフが働いていました。開業準備で慌ただしく過ぎていく日々の中、スタッフみんながSoup Stock Tokyoのスープのおいしさを体感し、

Saito: Soup Stock Tokyo had opened three stores in Singapore in the span of three years since 2014, and I was put in charge of duties, which included the launching and management of the stores. Many Singaporean staff members with Chinese, Malay and Indian backgrounds worked at the Singapore stores at the time. In the busy days during the opening preparations, I proposed an idea to offer one free soup meal for every attendance at work so that the staff could experience the delicious taste of Soup Stock Tokyo’s soup and convey that to the customers. And then, some of the staff came up to me and told me that they “couldn’t eat them.” When I asked why, they told me that they were not allowed to eat any food made with pork or alcohol, or use any eating or cooking utensils that have come into contact with those of foods due to their religion.

「Soup Stock Tokyo」という聞いたこともないブランドに、興味や期待をいだいて入社してくれた仲間にスープを食べさせてあげられなかったことは、今でも僕の中に後悔として残っています。
この時の経験から、いつか仲間が日本に来た時に、Soup Stock Tokyoのスープをおいしく食べてほしい、という想いがずっとありました。

With a desire to enable them to enjoy the soups nevertheless, we experimented by creating an environment in which they could, by introducing dedicated cooking equipment, for example, but eventually they still were unable to eat them after all. Not being able to offer our soup to our friends who joined our company with intrigue and high expectations without ever having heard of the “Soup Stock Tokyo” brand before remains one of my regrets. From this experience, I always had the desire to enable them to enjoy Soup Stock Tokyo’s soups when they visited Japan one day. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this soup, which was created from my own formative experience, was made for them.

—「Soup for all !」にはなくてはならないスープだったんですね。

-So this was a must-have soup for “Soup for all!”.

「Soup for all !」が目指すのは「いつでも、だれでも、どこでもスープを楽しんでいただける」ということ。今回はそこへ近づくための第一歩でしかないと思っています。

Saito: Yes. However, this soup is just the start of this project. What “Soup for all!” is aiming for is
“to enable anyone enjoy soup anywhere, anytime.” I believe that this is the first step in achieving our aim. There is still a long ways to go, but we want to start from someone offering soup to someone familiar to us, rather than thousands of people we can’t see. I think the more personal it is, the better. “To get people feel touched, warm, and delighted around the world” is our mission. Just like how my thoughts are packed into the halal menu, the single cup of soup created from the desires of someone will lead to warming the hearts of those we wish to deliver them to, and will lead to someone new. By passing that baton from one person to the next, we wish to realize our goal of “To get people feel touched, warm, and delighted around the world”.


-Do you have anything to say to the customers who have enjoyed this soup?


Saito: I’m happy enough if they can enjoy their meal. It would be even better if they can feel the Muslim food culture by eating this “chicken rendang” soup, discover a world that they have never experienced by learning more about it and it serves as an opportunity to expand their scope of sympathy. “Food” is a familiar theme for anyone, so it would be great if they can make new discoveries with the pure feeling of “this is delicious, what is this!?”

彼の想いと、Soup Stock Tokyoが大事にしているスープへの姿勢が重なって生まれた「鶏肉のルンダン」は、「Soup for all !」のきっかけにもなった特別な一品です。是非ご賞味ください。

Soup Stock Tokyoは創業当初から今もなお、大切な人に食べてもらいたいスープを目指して
「Soup for all !」という考え方のもと、「食」という生活の楽しみの中にある小さくて大きな壁をひとつずつとりのぞき、ご自身はもちろんのこと、皆さまの大切な方にも食事を楽しめる機会を増やしていきたいと考えています。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください。

Since the company was established, Soup Stock Tokyo has conducted product development with the aim of creating soups that can be enjoyed by people we wish to deliver to. Regardless of age, religion, nationality, or gender, soup is a dish loved by all. That is why we wish to continue facing one another. We want to continue increasing opportunities for ourselves and everyone we cherish to enjoy delicious meals by removing each of the small and large barriers that stand in the way of “Soup for all”.
For details, please click the link below.

▶︎Soup Stock Tokyo は食のバリアフリーを推進します。